Cooperation and competence as a key to efficiently combating trafficking in human beings


Wersja polska


In July 2015, IOM started the implementation of the project "Cooperation and competence the key to an effective fight against trafficking in human beings". The project is implemented in cooperation with the Border Guard Headquarters (BGHQ) and funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and BGHQ.

 The overall aim of the project is:

  1. to increase the capacity of law enforcement in combating and preventing trafficking in human beings by building competence
  2. to contribute to strengthening institutional cooperation in providing assistance to victims of trafficking with particular emphasis on assisted voluntary return and reintegration.

The projects activities include:

  • conducting a series of trainings for the Polish border guards and other law enforcement officers involved in identifying victims of human trafficking. The trainings will mainly focus on issues related to the recognition of human trafficking, the distinction between forced labor and violation of workers' rights, the system of support for victims of trafficking and institutional cooperation in this regard;
  • organising a two-day workshop for law enforcement officers and National Labour Inspectorate representatives, where experiences will be shared and a more efficient methods of cooperation developed;
  • the creation of an Interactive Training Application, in the form of interactive film comprised of real life situations with elements of human trafficking. The Application will offer the opportunity to intervene in the course of the story and co-create the plot, which will allow the users to put into practice their theoretical knowledge on the phenomenon of human trafficking and to improve skills useful in situations of real contact with potential victims;
  • strengthening international cooperation between institutions involved in combating human trafficking and helping its victims, with the objective to strengthen transnational referral mechanism of potential victims to relevant institutions and to develop the international cooperation in providing effective assistance to victims of trafficking, particularly in return to their country of origin;
  • providing Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) to approx. 25 victims of trafficking in Poland.