Cooperation and competence as a key to efficiently combating trafficking in human beings | Poland

Cooperation and competence as a key to efficiently combating trafficking in human beings

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 12:04

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  • Interactive Training Application (ITA). The application comprises of three interactive films that feature some real trafficking situations. Users get the possibility to shape the plot of the films. The application allows its users to improve and develop both theoretical knowledge on the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings and practical skills needed in real contact with potential victims. 


  • Trainings and workshops. Trainings on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings were primarily designed for the Border Guard officers who have direct contact with foreigners. Their program focused on various methods of identification of potential VoTs, the most effective ways to help them and forms of support and assistance available in Poland. During the entire project 22 trainings were conducted in 21 locations, gathering representatives of 89 Border Guard field offices. In total 495 Border Guard officers participated. Workshops for representatives of institutions responsible for the prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings have facilitated the exchange of experience and the development of more effective methods of cooperation. 144 persons in total participated in three workshops.


  • Strengthening cooperation between institutions involved in fighting trafficking in human beings and helping victims at international level. This included a study visit to Bulgaria, providing assistance in voluntary return and reintegration to 13 VoTs and a survey. The survey carried out among Ukrainian migrants residing in Poland. Its aim was to obtain information on the level of migrants' knowledge of the Polish system of protection and support for VoTs as well as to assess the estimate percentage of persons who might have been victims of exploitation. The information will improve the effectiveness of identifying VoTs and strengthen the national and transnational referral mechanism.


  • Conference summarizing the project. The conference was attended by representatives of the Border Guards Headquarters, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Chief Labor Inspectorate, Offices for Foreigners, Voivodship Offices, Border Guard field offices and non-governmental organizations. During the course of the conference representatives of IOM presented the results of the project, discussing how the actions were implemented and what results were achieved.



Cooperation and competence as a key to efficiently combating trafficking in human beings project was implemented in cooperation with the Border Guard Headquarters and co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism