South American Journalism Award on Migration Launched by UN Migration Agency

South American Journalism Award on Migration Launched by UN Migration Agency

Monday, November 13, 2017

Buenos Aires – The IOM Regional Office for South America today launches the South American Journalism Award on Migration, which aims to recognize and encourage the work of journalists in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, whose journalistic pieces on migration include a human rights-based approach and a gender perspective.

Eligible submissions must have been published in the press, radio and television, whether in traditional or digital media, between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017.

The submitted works must have contributed to raising awareness about the well-being of migrants, including access to healthcare, employment, education, among others. The reporting also must disseminate objective information about the causes and characteristics of migration movements.

The journalistic content must have also highlighted the social, economic and cultural contribution of migrants in countries of origin and destination as well as contributed to the prevention of xenophobia, racism and discrimination against migrants and their families.

“The media play a key role not only in informing but also in shaping public opinion about migration,” said the IOM Regional Director for South America, Diego Beltrand.

"With the South American Journalism Award, we want to recognize the work of journalists who, through their journalistic content on migration from a human rights approach, have contributed, among others, to change the negative perception of migrants, to make visible their positive contribution, as well as to prevent xenophobia, racism and discrimination,” Beltrand added.

The 10 winning journalists (one per participating country), will receive a statuette during a ceremony to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. IOM will cover winners’ flight tickets and accommodation.

The call for entries is open from this week until 20 January 2018. Award winners will be announced in February 2018. The jury will be comprised of renowned experts from the field of migration and media.

During their stay in Buenos Aires, the winning journalists will be invited to participate in a training about journalistic coverage of migration from a human rights-based perspective.

Conducting this contest contributes to the global campaigns “Soy Migrante” (I am a migrant) and “Together”, which aim to change negative perceptions of migrants and combat xenophobia, racism and discrimination.

The contest rules and the registration form are available at:

For further information, please contact Juliana Quintero at the IOM Regional Office in Buenos Aires, Tel: + (54) 11 32488134, Email: