IOM Poland awarded a prize for partnership with LOT Polish Airlines on prevention of trafficking in persons

Istanbul, Turkey - The second IOM Innovation Awards were presented at the Global IOM Chiefs of Mission meeting, held in Istanbul for the first time on 25 October 2023.   

Innovation represents an important driver of impact and systems transformation for the International Organization for Migration. Prioritizing migrant protection and assistance, innovative strategies allow for effective humanitarian aid, often bridging the gap between private and public sector capabilities.    

IOM Poland has been organizing counter-trafficking trainings in Poland for local and national authorities, including Border Guard officers, and relevant businesses to enhance their capacity in identifying and preventing cases of human trafficking. Since March 2022, IOM has conducted 65 training sessions for over 1,200 participants, including 350 crew staff from LOT Polish airlines. IOM Poland got the third place for innovation in the Private Sector category.  

“I have always known that our cooperation with LOT airlines was special and innovative. To see the recognition amidst such tough competition was very moving. I am glad that, through our cooperation with the private sector, we are also supporting the strategic objectives of the new IOM administration; as a mission we want to support the larger goals of the institution,” said IOM Poland Chief of Mission, Lívia Styp-Rekowska.  

As IOM continues to strive towards its strategic objectives, the success of initiatives like the counter-trafficking training sessions with LOT airlines exemplifies the organization's commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of migrants. 


SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals