IOM Poland's Appeal for USD 50 Million to Support 115,000 Ukrainian Refugees in Poland in 2024

IOM field staff surveys a Ukrainian refugee who has newly arrived to Poland at a train station in Przemyśl. 
© IOM 2023/Alexey SHIVRIN

Warsaw – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Poland is appealing for USD 50 million to support 115,000 Ukrainian refugees in Poland in 2024.  

IOM’s appeal is part of the overarching 2024 Ukraine Situation Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP), which was officially launched in Geneva on 15 January. The launch of the Poland chapter of the RRP took place on 15 February in Warsaw. The RRP sets out the strategic objectives, funding requirements of organizations responding to the needs of refugees from Ukraine in neighbouring countries.  

IOM Poland’s appeal is aligned with IOM’s Strategic Plan for 2024-2028, aimed at saving lives and protecting people on the move, driving solutions to displacement, and facilitating pathways for regular migration. The upcoming “Strategic Response Plan: Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries (2024-2026)” will contextualize this plan in the Ukraine response (launch planned next month).  

Since the escalation of the war in February 2022, IOM Poland and its local partners have supported close to 250,000 refugees from Ukraine, third-country nationals, migrants and host communities through a range of initiatives: delivering humanitarian aid, providing protection and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), improving inclusion into the labour market, and promoting dignified living conditions.  

The war in Ukraine has greatly impacted Poland, which hosts the second largest number of refugees from Ukraine in Europe (UNHCR). Refugees make up 4.3 per cent of the Polish population and have demonstrated remarkable abilities to participate in socioeconomic life in their new home. 

As refugees from Ukraine enter their third year of displacement in Poland, conditions back home are still deemed unsafe for them to return. Many refugees in Poland remain very vulnerable, including older people, persons with disabilities, and minority groups. Needs and priorities continue to evolve, highlighting the importance of flexible solutions. Moreover, there is a vital need to invest in the capacity of refugees and human capital, which hold potential benefits for both Poland and Ukraine for the future. 

“While the future remains unpredictable there is still a lot of work ahead of us, and we stand ready to support all those who find themselves in a difficult situation," said IOM Poland Chief of Mission Lívia Styp-Rekowska.  

In 2024, IOM Poland hopes to support up to 115,000 refugees, in partnership with national NGO partners and working closely with local communities and authorities. In particular, IOM Poland seeks to scale-up its socioeconomic inclusion activities to enable more refugees to work and live independently. It is crucial to increase MHPSS services, and to facilitate the access of refugees to health services. IOM Poland provides tailored protection assistance to the most vulnerable, and directly supports the organizations and accommodation facilities hosting them. IOM will continue to work against trafficking and exploitation. All of IOM Poland’s programming is evidence-based, requiring continued efforts to carry out research on the trends and dynamics within Poland, and regionally. 

IOM Poland’s support to Ukrainian refugees would not have been possible without generous contributions from donors: the Governments of Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, the Council of Europe Development Bank, and the European Union.  

For more information, please contact Ewelina Kawczynska, Senior Public Information Coordinator for IOM Poland:  

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